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5 years ago

clearing logs and work without git

I'm trying to solve two issues:   1. At the end of my script I am exporting the logs to a network location so I don't really need to keep the logs in TestComplete. Is it possible to script the remo...
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    5 years ago

    1) There is no "in code" way of removing logs.  However, you can set up an environment setting within TestComplete that applies to ALL projects on that machine.  Under Tools -> Options -> Engines -> Log you can set the maximum number of logs to keep.  You can set this as low as 1 and, each time a project is run, the logs auto-delete.


    2) I'm curious... how is the project bound to Git if Git is not actually installed on the machine in question?  How did it get bound in the first place? In your scheduled task, have you tried the "/SilentMode" switch?