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15 years ago

Class Object Properties

Hi there

I have created a few class objects in a separate unit, lets call this unit ClassObjects

Now in another unit, lets call this unit TestCase I am trying to create an instance of this class object however i can not get any code insight into what properties are available for this object? some of my generic objects have 20+ properties for issuing insurance, and dependant on what properties are set will define what gets issued. How do i get code insight into these properties?

Small example of what i am doing below

Unit -> ClassObjects

function TravellerDetails()






Unit -> TestCase

function MyTest()


    var travDetails = new TravellerDetails();

    // at this point i can not get code insight into the properties??

    // typing -> travDetails. 

    // does not give my the properties of the object?

    travDetails = getDetails();

    policy = IssuePolicy(travDetails);


where am i going wrong?

Thanks for your help,


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  • Hi,

    Currently, there's no way to see members of JScript classes in the code completion window. Your request has increased the appropriate suggestion's rating in our DB.