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5 years ago

Chrome V75 - TestComplete 12.5 does not recognize the File Save as object

I have Chrome V75 and using TestComplete 12.5. The issue I am facing is that Test complete does not recognize the file save as object. I see that there are additional Chrome patches that might be needed in the following link - However, I do not see any patches for TC 12.5 for Chrome V75.


Anyone who has been able to use Test complete to recognize the save as object, could you please shed some light..


No issues with IE - Testcomplete recognizes it successfully.


Thanks in advance !!



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    Version 12 of TestComplete is quite outdated and well might not support the latest just released version of Chrome.

    Your options:

    -- Either block Chrome from updating and use version that is supported by your version of TC; or

    -- Consider upgrade to current version of TC (14.10 at the moment of writing).