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    Has anybody recieved a solution from Smartbear support on this issue? I have seen numerous forums posts regarding this issue but no solutions. All we get back from Smartbear support is "Our developers are looking at the issue".

    I am dumbfoounded that this issue has not been resolved by Smartbear. I am honestly starting to wonder if Smartbear still has any devlopers working for them or if all of them quit because we are not recieving solutions to any issues reported. This particular issue should have been fixed the first day it occurred. TestComplete should always be compatiable with the latest version of Chrome but we have not been able to run our tests in Chrome for nearly a month now.

    I am not meaning to trash talk Smartbear but I have honest concerns about their current lack of support. We have been using TestComplete for over 10 years and historically had good response from support but right now nothing is getting fixed.

  • Hi - just tagging along here - i was on older versions to get around this issue, just paid for new testcomplete licenses thinking an upgrade will solve this issue - seems not. Product is completely useless without this issue resolved - I have also submitted a support request in hope there is some sort of patch available if you ask directly!? There used to be patches for this issue for versions of chrome...considering the latest one is for Chrome 99, you would think there might be more now that its Chrome 108........

  • Update from me incase this helps anyone else in the meantime, apparently latest TC version will support alerts up to Chrome 106, I have manually reverted to Chrome 106 and turned off auto updates. First run appears TC can now recognise the alert objects. I was told "mainly all alerts and js popups are broken in chrome 107 and above...they are still trying to fix this issue... next update of testcomplete".

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    I have not recieved any updates from Smartbear on this. I have actually started to explore the idea of moving all our WEB testing to Selenium because of this. Selenium always supports the most recent version of Chrome, in fact, they support the version that is in beta and not even released yet.  

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      yeah wow ok - i did think surely they could be more "up to date" with latest chrome versions, as this issue with alerts always seems to come up - one would think you would monitor and test out that one thing straight away each chrome release... sounds like its doable if others can! I have considered if changing over product is a good idea.. I'm stuck in the "i have SO many test scripts in this product I probably cant change over" scenario though i think - my tests are extremely comprehensive and across both web and desktop etc.. seems like a mammoth task to switch! Other than this constant Chrome thing though, over the past few years there have definitely been less bugs with TC so thats a positive...

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    There are several current forums with this same issue. Chrome is currently on version 108 and TestComplete is two version behind for compatibility.







    One work around we've found is that you can send keyboard entries for ENTER (OK/Confirm) and ESC (Cancel) to the browser but this takes approx. 25 seconds each time you perform this action.


    It seems like a patch should've been in order for this time of issue spanning so many clients at my company.


    mfoster711We're interested in your Selenium findings if you can find a way to migrate your existing Test Projects without too much effort.

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      Btipton we don't have a magical solution for migrating testing to selenium, it will just take some work.


      For my company, we currently have about 80% desktop testing and 20% web. This is about to change dramitcally over the next 5 years as we move more and more of our products to web.


      We are at a critical juncture where we need to decide if we want to continue investing time in a tool that is 6+ months behind in browser support (TestComplete) or embrace the more common and up to date tool that supports the current version browsers and the beta versions about to be released (Selenium).


      I hate to talk so bad about Smartbear because we have used them for 10+ years and have had mostly good experience. But, something is critically broken with their management team right now. If they can not understand that supporting the current version of Chrome is a top priority, then I have a hard time trusting and depending on them as we move forward.

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    Chiming in here to agree. Now that Chrome is at Version 110.0.5481.178, and IE11 was recently (last week) forcibly decommissioned, these alerts are causing a lot of our test cases to have to be reverted to manual steps. That's not a good look for an Automation platform.



  • has any one got this working!? i just updated to the latest 15.49 and chrome 111, BROKEN. downgraded back to chrome106 BROKEN, downgraded to TC15.48 BROKEN.... wont recognise Confirm popups


    now im in the process of working out what TC version i was on where i had it working chrome 106


    What on earth this is such a waste of time! ğŸ˜¶