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3 years ago



Im creating a script in JavaScript to verify the details of a page in a Desktop application.

I would like to know how to check that the caption of an object is one of the value we have.

For example, in a 'status' field, we know that there should be one of the following values. New, Completed, In progress, closed. 

So what i tried is the following script

aqObject.CheckProperty(Object, "Caption", cmpEqual, " New"||"Completed"||" In progress"||" closed");


This script passes if the status value in the page is 'New'. If its anything else it fails. Please advise me on any possible methods to tackle this.


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    3 years ago

    Ok, So a passing validation in your case would be if the status field contains: 


    "In Progress" 

    So with the condition cmpEquals the checkpoint = "Completed" would fail as expected. 

    If we were to use cmpContains, we would simply search within that status field object for any text that matches "Completed" and the test would pass. 

    If contains doesnt work, I would still look at the available conditions. Though I believe the code we are looking for is: 

    aqObject.CheckProperty(Object, "Caption", cmpContains, " New"||"Completed"||" In progress"||" closed");

    Here is the list of available conditions: 

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    3 years ago

    Hi try this

    aqObject.CheckProperty(Object, "Caption", cmpIn, " New Completed In progress  closed");

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