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3 years ago

checkpoint based on data-driven loop excel file


I have data-driven loop for inserting orders to our desktop SW - we have an option there to add multiple orders into one table which I'm using 

During the data loop, I'm using the "more stock" button and at the end of the data loop, the test clicks on the "Save" button. Then all of the orders are added into one big orders table and at this point, I would like to check whether all of the orders are there and with the right data. 

And that is my problem - which checkpoint should I use when I need to check all the new orders created based on excel file in the table of orders which contains also other order of that day?

Thank you so much for any hint.



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    A property checkpoint should work but you may need something more around it, depending how you can compare an order in the excel file to the one in the table.


    If you were doing it manually, how would you compare the two sets of orders?

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      thank you for the reply.

      If it would be only one record I would set the order of orders in the table based on time and I would use the highest line (the newest order) for comparing (property checkpoint with hardcoded value).

      If I would do the test manually I would compare visually the table of original data with the lines in the table in our software.