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5 years ago

Change format of emailed test results using slPacker



I have successfully added an operation to my Keyword test that emails the test results.
I have used the slPacker method to do so.

Can I use a different export format? I have not seen this explained in the documentation, it looks like I must use Log.SaveResultsAs() 

Using that method, I can seem to find the proper structure. I have tried to copy the example of the help file:
Log.SaveResultsAs("C:\QA\\Log.mht", lsMHT)
But when I click Next on the Call object method wizard, it gives the error:
"The specified expression does not return an existing object, or that object does not contain any methods or properties"

Any help appreciated!

  • would you be open to creating a couple of short script routines to perform these operations? 

    I don't know what that script routine is below the slPacker operation, but maybe the order of the test steps are wrong?

    Are you looking to save logs at the test case level? Or the project level. For the former option, the best bet would be to create on onStop or onStart test event handler with the log.saveresultas method (but this only works when you start running tests at the project level).

    The easier option would be to use both log.saveresultas and slpacker at the project level as their own individual tests - here are screenshots to describe what i mean:

    and then drag these scrip routine (tests) to the project level 

    so now that you run the project, you see some logs like this:

    and then you can see the log.saveresultas file's mht format result in the designated file location:

    and finally also the slpacker's resulting zip file

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