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8 years ago

Certification 101

Hi!I want to obtain the certification 101. I fail the first test,how i can do it again? I forget the user and pass for log in, and i don't how i can obtain.

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      Hi SilviaWM you are able to retake the certification exam after attending another TestComplete 101 training class.  Your account will be unlocked and password reset.  And lucky you we have a session today!  After the training we will compile the list of attendees and submit into our system to take the exam. Register Here for the training today at 10am EST.


      Hope this answers your question!

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        Thank you, but i forget the user name, and i don't know how i can take the new test.

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    TestComplete cannot get page contents if the Content-Security-Policy response header is set to unsafe-inline. To avoid this problem, do not use the Content-Security-Policy header in your tested application or use another browser for testing.