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13 years ago

can't using direct alias to input data into text field

Hi all,

I want to fill data into text field. As normally, I use alias["Keys"] to input data

It like that 

  objPage = Aliases["iexplore"]["pBroadcastCalendarReport"];  


But the data isn't filled on textfield. When I debug and objPage["txtBroadcastYear"]["Exists"] is False although it's shown on webpage

And I must a temporary variable to do that and it's work OK

objPage = Aliases["iexplore"]["pBroadcastCalendarReport"];  

var textbox=  objPage["txtBroadcastYear"]


Could anybody help me to explain what's different between two above ways?

Thanks so much

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  • Hi Hoa,

    Both scripts you posted are invalid:




    Most probably, this is just a mistyping. However, are you sure that you use the valid code in your test?

    Do you reload the tested web page between runs of this test?

    Also, please reproduce the problem, pack the entire project suite folder and post the archive here or send it to me via the Contact Support form.