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5 years ago

Need some reporting help or at least need some direction

I have a reporting requirement for both passing and failing tests to include the http request and response header in a printable report for the management team.  Currenmtly I have being doing that manually by writing the headers to a file using script then manually merging as an aqttachment to the printable report using adobe.   This really is a bit a time consuming set of steps and I was wondering if there was an automtic way - perhaps through script - force them to appear as start of the standard repord.   


Any thoughts?

  • rick as far as I understand, response headers are added to the printable reports automatically, but only for the test steps that fail.


    Since your usecase requires the headers to be added there for both failed and passed ones - you can create a feature request for this. The Product Owners will see it and decide whether the functionality should be implemented in the future versions.



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    What type of report are you using?
    - Junit style html?
    - PDF?
    something else?
    And steps you follow manually to do would help as well.