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10 years ago

Cannot write to Excel properly.

Hello, My function for writing to excel is not working properly.  It will write some data in the beginning of the file, but doesn't seem to write anything beyond row 20 or column N. Some...
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    10 years ago
    Hi M R, I tried the following calls to your function for an empty xlsx document multiple times and they worked fine every time:

    var fileName = "C:\\Temp\\testwrite.xlsx";  

    writeToXL( fileName, "Sheet1", 2, 2, "test" );

    writeToXL( fileName, "Sheet1", 30, 30, "test" );

    writeToXL( fileName, "Sheet1", 30, "n", "test" );

    writeToXL( fileName, "Sheet1", 30, "AA", "test" );

    Could there perhaps be something configured in the document you are trying to write to that might prevent this from working?


    Phil Baird