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2 years ago

Cannot select the pdf page to use for region checkpoint



A while back we used to be able to select just the pdf area. We used this to create a region checkpoint and mask the areas which we didn't want to compare.

Since two months the only way to select the page is as the example below. We tried using the region checkpoint with the whole screen, but when using different screen dimensions the checkpoints are failing.

We tried a lot of different options to see what works and what doesn't. I also installed Adobe Acrobat to see if this works. Also our developers cannot seem to find the solution.
To clarify, we do not want to use the PDF checkpoint or PDF to text option, as we would like to check the layout of our designs.
Does any of you know what the issue might be?


Thanks in advance!


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    Can you share the current versions of TestComplete and Browser? Have you upgraded or changed anything since it last worked?


    My only current suggestions would be to review the TC requirements for working w/PDF to see if everything checks out - see [here]. And there are a few alternatives to Regions Checkpoints you could also try - see [here].

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      Thank you for answering! Google Chrome version: Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

      TestComplete version: x64


      I will take a look at the links you provided!

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      Thank you for commenting. Did the link provided you with the solution?

      I am looking into it, but neither solution is ideal for our application. And I cannot find the download file for  Flash debugger anywhere online.