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6 years ago

Cannot create Test Complete Object

I am new to Visual Studio / Test Complete / C#.  I have written a Test Complete test in C#,  but when I try to run it it says "Cannot Create Test Complete Object".  The only question so far that I have found does not apply to me.  Even if it did, I did, as it suggested, run the program as admin but the same problem.


This is nowhere near enough information for you to go on, so let me continue.


My Test Complete test extends a class "AbstractTestCase" that we got from our team.  This is the base class that has been used for years, so I am sure it is OK.  I made a simple test, just to try to click an object.  I have no idea whether the values are correct, but for now it does not matter, as my test is throwing an exception in the "Before()" method, so it has not gotten there yet.


The exception is being thrown at this method, which I believe is Smart Bear method, so I cannot debug into it, and it shows no line number:


Connect.RunTest(GetTestName(), "Generic", Path.GetDirectoryName(System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location) + @"\Automation\TcFramwork\TcFramwork.pjs");


The values are as follows:

GetTestName() =  "RepriceTest" 

Path.GetDirectoryName...  =  "C:\\VS_Projects\\ErepricerSolution\\ErepriceClassLibrary\\bin\\Debug\\Automation\\TcFramwork\\TcFramwork.pjs" 


I do have a file  C:\\VS_Projects\\ErepricerSolution\\ErepriceClassLibrary\\bin\\Debug\\Automation\\TcFramwork\\TcFramwork.pjs

which looks like this (along with a "Generic" subdirectory).  Please see attached file. To attach it I had to convert it to an XML file.


The only difference is this.  Because my Desktop started crashing, I was one of the first (and only so far) people to get a laptop.  Others will be getting themn as time goes on.  The laptop has Windows 10, while everyone else has Windows 7.  The Laptop has Test Complete 12.  The laptop had Visual Studio 2015, but due to compiler incompatibilities with Smart Bear Connetc, I had to have Visual Studio 12 installed, which I am using.


So others are using Windows 7, Visual Studio 12 and Test complete 12, while I am using Windows 10, Visual Studio 12 and Test Complete 12.


I do see somewhet of a backtrace from this Connect.RunTest(), so maybe someone can figure out what's going on.  Please see attached file trace.png.


I am also attaching a copy of my test class. (And again I have no idea whether the Connect statement is right, but it never gets that far)











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