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7 years ago

Can we user personal certificates to instrument the app?

Hello All,


Can we use our own certificates which are not from dev team to instrument the apk and ipa?


Or we have to use the certificates from dev team?


If yes, what is the different between using certificates not from dev team and certificates from dev team to instrument the app?



Thank you.



Anh Vu.

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      Thank you for your information. 


      Definitely, we can instrument the android and iOS app with  certificates which not from the develop team.


      The instrumentation process was completed successfully but some iOS app can be installed to the device. I got error "Unable to install the iOS application from the archive file" .


      Does anyone get this error when install the app from TestedApp to the device for iOS?




      Anh Vu.

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        The certificates, that used for building/archiving of your application in Xcode and for testing it with TestComplete, should be the same!