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4 years ago

Can we manage multiple NameMap files for one TestComplete Project?

I am working for a  product and we develop multiple implementations of same product for different client. So if i create a Test Complete project for one implementation e.g. A . Can I add another name...
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    4 years ago

    you cannot have two name mapping files in one project within TestComplete.

    Now with that said, I'm thinking that since this is the same application (with different instrumentations for the separate clients) that the hierarchy and the properties of the objects would remain mostly the same. so for all of the functional UI tests that you've created, the only differences will be the tweaks in the object identifier properties.

    so within the same name mapping file, i'd look to use either regular expressions or conditional name mapping to account for the differences in the objects from one implementation of your application to the other, such that you can reliably use the same test cases for the two different implementations of that application,