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11 months ago

Can TestComplete support both normal web test and cross-platform web test in the same project?

Now if I set a project for cross-platform web test (using Bitbar) by configuring it to use XPath expressions and CSS selectors to locate objects on web pages, the classic scripts I wrote before cannot be used in this project anymore. For example, the SetValueForTextBox script in the below picture cannot be executed in the cross-platform project.

However, I need to run some normal steps and cross-platform steps in the same test. For example, the system will upload some files on the portal first (normal web test), then login to the mobile ui interface and check the files. (cross-platform web test) Is it possible to implement both classic and cross-platform scripts in the same project?

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    What I would do is keep them in separate projects inside a project suite and then run them from the project suite in whatever order is needed. This would make them easier to maintain.