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4 years ago

Can someone help me fix this ? When i execute all test cases and try to notify result using Outlook

 i am getting below Error :


Server execution failed, ClassID: {0006F03A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} 18:11:42 Normal 38.79


this is my code 

def sendEmailReport(emailToList):

outlookObj = Sys.OleObject["Outlook.Application"]
outlookMsg = outlookObj.CreateItem(0)
outlookMsg.To = emailToList
outlookMsg.Subject = emailSubjectLine
outlookMsg.HTMLBody = emailBodyText


Failing at first line ? where am I going wrong 

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    How your code is executed? Do you start it from TestComplete's IDE or unattended via task scheduler, for example?

    Can Outlook be started when you are logged in?

    Use test log to figure out what exactly line of code is failing and let us know.