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12 years ago

Can not see the Additional Information in the log in Test Complete

How can I see the Additional Information in the log? Now I can see only the Picture panel and Call Stack panel (see attached file).

I guess that I clicked 'Hide' button on right-click mouse menu. How can I turn on the Additional Information panel?

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    Right click in the Log Items panel and select the "Select Log Panel" option.  There should then, in the menu displayed, be the "Additional Info" option.  Highlight it and click OK and you'll have the Additional Info pane showing.
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      After following the steps you provided, I still cannot see the Additional Information tab. It was showing previously and I use it extensively, but it has disappeared and I can't get it back. 

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    I doubt the user can show or hide the Additional Information tab.

    What kind of a test log are you viewing (I can't tell from the pic you attached)? Look at the note at the top of the page at

    It says "Additional information is only available in the generic test log pages." Generic Test Log layout displays the results of keyword
    tests, script routines and tests of some other (but not all!) types.
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    I appreciate. Now I can see Additional information.