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8 years ago

Can I select a combo box value by id



I am automating a desktop application which is there in multiple languages.I need to select a value from a combo box.I can't use the ClickItem(1) or ClickItem("Male") as drop down values will be in alphabetical order and text will change from language to language.I need use the Id of the drop down value in the above case.Male will have a ValueId ,Female will have ValueId. When I use object spy I am able to get the details of combo box and values but I am not able to get the id of combo box values.How can I get the ids of values.


Thanks in advance.

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        Click the Params button beside wItem.  Your ids are probably accessible in there.  Try it from a Property Checkpoint or something similar and see if using Param = 0 gets the first value in your list.