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10 years ago

Can I integrate TestComplete with BitBucket

Hi, I have a BitBucket account for versioning. I need to integrate TestComplete with it. Is it possible without getting the Collaborator tools? Regards, OS
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    6 years ago

    TestComplete can integrate with Bitbucket or any other web-based, version control repository hosting service (so long as the projects use Git or Mercurial revision control systems).


    The following step-by-step guide will detail the set-up required to integrate your TestComplete project/project suite with a Bitbucket remote repository, utilizing a Git revision control system:

    1. Within Bitbucket, create a new repository, entering a repository name and selecting Git for the Version control system. Then click Create repository.
    2. Prepare TestComplete to work with Git, following the set-up instructions provided in this TestComplete documentation.
    3. Create a new local repository choosing the project/project suite path of choice. Afterwards commit changes to the local repository.
    4. Open a command line interface and change directories to switch to your local TestComplete repository.
    5. In Bitbucket, copy the first line of code under the heading "Get your local Git repository on Bitbucket," Step 2: Connect your existing repository to Bitbucket (i.e. "git remote add origin ...").
    6. To allow the local repository to reference the remote Bitbucket location, paste the previously copied code in the command line and press Enter.
    7. To push changes from the local TestComplete repository to remote, select File | Source Control | Push from the TestComplete main menu. In the dialog, select the remote repository where the changes will be uploaded. Optionally, specify other configurations for the push operation. Finally, press OK.
    8. Refreshing the Bitbucket page will validate that the local TestComplete project/project suite repository was successfully pushed to the remote.