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8 years ago

Can I group "WinsFormObject" under a "WPFObject"? A parent is automatically being created

The issue I have is the following:


Our company is currently migrating our software from VB6 to .Net.


I'm currently trying to grab a grid inside a form, that according to our developer has the following structure:




More or less frmUnitOpFromConfig.......TabControl.. Grid(this is the grid im interested in working with)


However, I noticed working on TestcComplete 11 (11.31.2420.7) That I do not follow this structure; Moreoever, an additional object with the name "HwndSource:frmUnitOpFromConfig".



Reading the following article ( :

"Note that WPF applications rely on helper substrate windows. These windows are .NET objects of the HWNDSource class created automatically during the application run. To address WPF application forms, use the following notation of the class name:substrate_window_class:form_name. For example, "HwndSource: MainForm"."


Makes me believe (I'm sorry for my ignorance in these topics)  that testcomplete is automatically creating this object to be able to work with my grid (among other objects) which is a "WinsFormObject" type.


My question would be: Is there a way to group this grid with the WPFObject (without creating another object), and follow the same structure my developer insists the from has (first picture above)? - I am aware I can just grab the object itself (I know how to do so), but in order to refactor the functions we have and work with  more generic methods for all the different forms in the software, this would definitely help.


Any help would be appreciated, I apologize if I lack the proper terms or if I'm missing any other info. (this is not my field of expertise).





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