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3 years ago

Can Automated UI test be run from Azure Devops on an application (not a build)

-So I can see how TestComplete test cases can be added in to Azure Devops 

-I can see how they can be run on a build

-My scenario is the following

--Get a new build

--Install the application (such as Word)

--Normally from TestComplete I run my manual UI test cases

--Then look at the Error logs and get the results


-My QUESTION is once I have my test in Azure DevOps (if I put them there), can I run these manual UI test cases from DevOps instead of having to launch TestComplete and run them from there?

-If not, is there any way to upload my manual UI test case results that I would have to run from TestComplete into my Test Plan in Devops?


Thx - gts

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    Hi there, My team creates a web application. This application is macys insite stored in a repository. When they push code to this repo, the CI/CD system (Teamcity) is building the project.

    Now, I'm writing UI automation mypascoconnect tests, a NODEjs project with WebdriverIO (basically I'm checking if all elements are present & if all functions work. E.G user login)

    This code (my code) is in its own repository.

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      Thank you for sharing your experience HRuffalo!


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