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11 years ago

C++ Builder XE4: Unable to open file AQTIME8BDS11.LIB

I just installed AQTime last week, and integrated it into my C++ Builder XE4 environment. I built my work-in-progress projects (a DLL and a VCL GUI), and things seemed all right (although I have a lot of reading to do).

But now I simply want to work WITHOUT using AQTIme. I can build the DLL, but the .exe fails with:

[ilink32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'AQTIME8BDS11.LIB'

I can locate AQTime8BDS11.bpl on my system, but not a .lib. And anyway, I want to be able to create builds without AQTime.

I have hand-edited the project .cbproj to remove all mention of AQTime, and rebuild everything, but continue to get this error. (The lib gets added back into the .cbproj file.)

Please help. I'm stopped dead in the water until I understand how to turn AQTime on when I want it, and off when I don't.