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2 years ago

Bug with the "improve performance" message ?



In the test logs, I always get a message :

It's strange because this selector is already the only one in the nameMapping.


When I click on the "Improve Performance" button, 
An "empty" line is added on the nameMapping


But when I replay the test, the same "improve performance" message will be again displayed.

Is-it normal ?

Thank you.


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    I have the same problem, Though I have not clicked Improve yet.

    The messege pops up a lot in the logs but since it's not a failure or warning I think you could just ignore it.

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    This feature has never worked for me since it was first introduced many months ago.  If I have 2 options in my selectors (XPaths) and switch to what is suggested, I get the same or an opposite error.  

    Here is a link to a thread that discusses this and also a work-around about how to suppress the messages:


    IMO this feature has never worked and there should be an option to disable the checking for the performance improvement all together rather than test Complete to spend time identifying an improvement that is not correct and then having to ignore/suppress the messages to the log file.