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2 years ago

"Browser Window Does not Exist" in Keyword Test

Today I am having an issue where test complete is no longer able to recognize the browser window this is weird as it was functioning fine until yesterday day.  I get this error: 

"You are trying to call the "Maximize" method or property of the "BrowserWindow" object that does not exist."


Here's a bit of background and the debugging process so far:

-After Testing, I was able to determine that this issue was applying to all browsers (Chrome, Edge and Firefox) in the browser loop.

-All of tests rely on making sure the browser window is maximized, which is done through the built in function Maximize, this is the point of failure (Which was not the case yesterday) .

-TC is able it initiate the browser loop, open the browser, and navigate to the webpage, but faults on the aforementioned function.

-Restarts to the TC's host OS have been conducted to no avail.

Possible issue (Any feedback on this would be nice): 

Name Mapping: I don't truly understand its function but have heard it's common for TestComplete to loose track of the objects it maps. My concern is: If I modify the name mapping I feel like I put out risk to mess up 100's of Keyword tests that rely on the currently stored value.


If anyone knows the solution to this problem or can provide more understanding on its root cause would be great appreciated.

Thank You!





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    Ensure your name mappings are correctly defined. TC will use name mappings to identify objects, so that it can interact with.


    Sys.browser has the following properties,

    ObjectType: Browser

    ProcessName: chrome