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3 years ago

Browser name mappings get separated out between "browser", "chrome", "msedge"

I am noticing I am getting duplicate mappings for browsers under the browser name (chrome, msedge) instead of the "browser" name mapping.   Is there a way to prevent items getting mapped under the ...
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    3 years ago

    Hi kylegogtp - 


    To add more color here - the reason this is happening may be that there is something mapped under the browser that is specific to one of the browsers. 



    Your "browser" object should look like this ^ if there is something that makes this object not generic or specific to one browser then TestComplete will not know that all browsers should be treated as the same. Once you remove any browser specific properties from this object you can then drag all of the pages under the browser object from out underneath the "msedge" and "chrome" objects. 


    Make sure to drag the pages in the NameMapping section as opposed to in the Aliases section. The tool should then prompt you to see if you would like to apply the same changes in the Aliases section, be sure to select "Yes to All" to keep the sections consistent. 


    When the browser object is generic you should not see this happening again. 


    Let me know if you have further questions on the subject or if any part of this is unclear?