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14 years ago

Basic noob question about addressing an object

I am writing some reusable scripts for use across several projects. Our app has the ability to auto login or not, configurable by the user. Loverly. I want my script to check for the existence of the login form. If present, I want the script to login.

It fails sometimes to do the login.

  if Aliases.MyProcessName.imMainForm.MDIClient.imdbLogonForm.Exists Then


    Aliases.MyProcessName.imMainForm.MDIClient.imdbLogonForm.ControlContainer_3.useridText.Text = IM_ADMIN


  end if

This script executes immediately after the app is opened. So perhaps the form is not present yet. I wanted to change it to

  set mainForm = Aliases.MyProcessName.imMainForm.MDIClient

  if mainForm.WaitVBObject(imdbLogonForm, 5000) Then

The line for set mainForm is reporting in watch window as Exists = false

I can SEE it in my object browser....

If I address mainForm with the full name of the object, not the mapped name, then the object exists.

Then when I get to

if mainForm.WaitVBObject("imdbLogonForm", 5000) Then   

It is evaluating false though the object is visible there and reported in the object browser.

Can someone help me understand what I am seeing here?

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  • Hi,

    Since you're using Name Mapping, you need to obtain your object by using the WaitAliasChild method, not WaitVBObject. Also, the object name should be passed as a string (mainForm.WaitAliasChild("imdbLogonForm", 5000)).

    And you should check WaitAliasChild result's Exists property value in If.