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8 months ago

AWTCompAccName and Standard Name properties differ

Hi everyone,


I have a tabbedpane in a desktop project which has couple of tabs with unique names. Please check attachment.

If you select Tab A, it's AWTCompAcc property displays 'A' and same for other tabs B and C.

Now the issue is that if tab A was selected first and the tool clicks Tab B afterwards, The AWTCompAcc property still stores 'B' but the 'Name' property which is in 'Standard' test complete properties stores 'A' instead of 'B'. Example: SwingObject(javaclassName, 'A'). This is causing issue when I am using ClickTab method to click on these tabs as the tool is not able to recognize the tabs at all.


Thank you.

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    If you manually click Tab A, use the Object Spy tool, does it identify Tab A? Now, manually click Tab B, use the Object Spy tool, does it identify the Tab B? If yes, then it implies that you tab control is dynamically created, which TC is not able to identify, until the object is created i.e. clicked on.