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4 years ago

Automating SpreadJS from GrapeCity

Hi,   I am automating some web apps which have embedded spreadsheets from SpreadJS. TestComplete is not picking up its elements. I am using Google Chrome. I want to select desired spreadsheet cell...
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    4 years ago



    Thank you for the link.

    It looks like that spreadsheet is rendered as canvas object:

    <canvas id="ssvp_vp" gcuielement="gcWorksheetCanvas" width="735" height="724" style="width: 735px; height: 724px; cursor: default;">You need a browser which full supports HTML5 Canvas to run SpreadJS</canvas>

    Canvas's content does not have any corresponding html-markup and is created as graphic, i.e. using graphical primitives and does not have any internal object structure that can be exposed outside.

    With the above in mind, you seems to have just two options:

    a) Either image-based operations;

    b) Or talk to your developers for some API that can be used from the script injected into the tested web page so that you can get/set canvas data through this API.