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12 years ago

Assessing license utilisation for TC8 floating licences


Is there any easy way to assess the maximum number of concurrent licenses that have been used at any point in time over a period of several months?



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Tony,


    At this moment, there is no easy way to get an average number of TestComplete/TestExecute instances launched for the specified period of time. However, we have an appropriate suggestion in our DB, and your request has increased its rating. Thanks.


    Currently, you can write a log of accesses to the LM PC and parse it to find the needed information. To enable logging, you need to check the Write an Access Log File option on the server's Configuration page. After that, the log will be available on this page. Go through this page to learn what log parameters mean.


    Besides, you can view how many TestComplete/TestExecute instances are launched at run time. You can see this information if you open this page on the License Manager PC. More info.


    I hope this helps.