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14 years ago

arrays and matrix definition and use in VBasic

I need to create a matrix containing different information. However I can't assign even a row to the array.

I am doing it in VBasic language.

Could anybody help me?

Thanks for all

PS: below, I append the code I am using

Dim resultsMatrix

Dim elementRow

  For i = 0 to Nodes.length - 1

    ' Get the node from the collection of found nodes

    Set Node = Nodes.item(i)

    ' Get child nodes

    Set ChildNodes = Node.childNodes

    ' Output two child nodes to the log

    Call Log.Message(ChildNodes.item(1).text + ": " + ChildNodes.item(2).text)

    'insert a row

    Set elementRow=elementRowAddItem(ChildNodes.item(1).text)

    'insert a row

    Set elementRow=elementRowAddItem(ChildNodes.item(2).text)

    'insert a row

    Set elementRow=elementRowAddItem(ChildNodes.item(3).text)

    'insert a row

    Set elementRow=elementRowAddItem(ChildNodes.item(4).text)


   Set resultsMatrix= resultsMatrix.AddItemOfArrayType(elementRow)