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10 years ago

Apps Automatically Getting Renamed?

I have a keyword test, and had to re-record part of it, and my app got automatically renamed. How can I fix this? Example: Say my app is named APP12. It gets renamed to APP122.
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    10 years ago
    Hi Heidi,


    Actually, it's not renamed. I guess you got an additional branch, APP122, in the Name Mapping tree. This might happen as the values of the properties you used to map the APP12 object were changed. As a result, TestComplete recognized a window as a new one and mapped it anew, giving a new name. 


    You need to do the following:

    1. Check the mapping criteria you are using to map APP12.

    2. Delete the properties whose values are changed from run to run. It may be the Index property or something else. Refer to the "Modifying Mapping Criteria" article describing how to do this.

    3. Delete the new APP122 branch from the mapping tree.

    4. Start recording your test again.