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13 years ago

Analysing web tests status in near real-time


First of all I would like to explain what the final porpoise of the implementation is :

- we wish to run a tests on web pages ( that take up to several hours), on remote computers.

- during the tests, we would like to see the status, but not only the pass/fail/warning, also the log information up to the time of the result query

- the result will be translated into information that can be stored into a database , and will be accessed through a pre existent interface

Until now the following points have been achieved:

-translate information from an already finished test into the database through ActiveX

-running of the tests on the remote computer

The part which is missing is a way to access the ActiveX object of the current log that is being created.

TestComplete has the ability to retrieve that log when the Pause button is activated, so this object is present during runtime, also the information that is being written into the logs can be accessed without stopping the test in the folder where the html form of the log report is located.

Does anyone know the ActiveX object for accessing the current log, and know if the same methods /properties apply to if?

Thank you in advance.

BR, Andrei Gabriel Muntianu 

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  • Hello Andrei,

    It is not possible to access the log of the current script execution. We have such suggestion in our database, and you request has increased its rating.