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5 years ago

Allure Reporting using TestComplete 14.1 (Junit or JavaClasses method) ?

How to create an allure reporting for testcomplete?


1. Junit Summary report can be covered into Allure?

2. JavaClassess of allure to be used to generte report?

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    I wouldn't go the JUnit route.  JUnit integration in TestComplete is intended to execute unit tests developed outside of TestComplete within the TestComplete environment.  Utilizing it to generate reports is probably going to be more trouble than it's worth.  I'd go with utilizing JavaBridge and bring the Java classes into your project.

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    Hi Vallalarasu_P,


    I'm not familiar with Allure. So, I've investigated a bit - it looks like the integration can be implemented by adding a special Python module - PyPI. You can find the detailed steps in the Allure documentation:


    The following page contains information about adding Python modules to TestComplete:


    This is a very interesting integration. Please keep us updated about your progress.