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9 months ago

ADO pipeline affected by TC\TE popup asking to upgrade

I have been watching this issue for a few months now to isolate the problem

and I am posting this to see if others are experiencing this issue as well.


I have ADO pipelines setup to Hyper-Vs.


When a new version of TC\TE is pushed out for consumer use, when you start up either tool

you will get a popup asking if you want to upgrade now or delay.


If I do not go onto my Hyper-Vs and acknowledge the popup manually (which I usually delay)

my ADO jobs through the pipelines to the agent on my Hyper-Vs do nothing.
I see the job come over and then fail.

But like I said above, if I acknowledge the popup manually, kick of my ADO pipeline job again,

everything works fine again.


I have to go through all my Hyper-Vs to acknowledge this popup for both TC\TE manually
for all my ADO pipelines to work correctly again until the next TC\TE release is pushed out.

Example of my command line being used in my ADO pipeline:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 15\Bin\TestExecute.exe" "C:\Git.App1Editor\App1Editor\TestComplete\TC15_Version\App1EditorProjSuite\App1EditorProjSuite.pjs" /r /e /SilentMode /DoNotShowLog /p:App1Editor /test:"Script|Group_Smoke_EDGE|GroupSmokeEdge1" /PrjVar:NwkENV=INT

Am I missing a new parameter to ignore the upgrade popup window ?


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    I only use one VM, and I've set TC and TE not to check for upgrade. I don't think there's a command line parameter to disabled this option though.


    There might be a registry setting or TC/TE parameter in the manifest file, which you could disable, for all machines.