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4 years ago

Add Table failing to extract data

Hello all,

I am attempting add a table through Stores > Tables > Add Table dialog to that I can do a table compare at a certain point in my test.

I have copied and pasted the MappedObject into the Add Table dialogs 'Object' field.  When I do that, the dialog temporarily disappears and then returns with a preview of the table in question, all good so far.

When I click 'Next', I get a message stating:
"We are unable to extract data because this table is not recognized."

The table in question is a little complicated, so I tried the same thing with the most basic of tables.  Again I get a preview, but then get the same message as above.

I am using the latest version 14.72.408.7 x64.

Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Hi,


    I am using the latest version 14.72.408.7 x64.

    Actually, current latest version is 14.72.485 though I don't think this would make a difference.

    As no one here can provide you with any piece of advice I would ask Support via the form.


    The approach that you described in your initial post is a valid one and can be used if your test is working with the same static data. IIRIC, Web Table checkpoint stores data snapshot when created and then just does a plain compare of the saved data against the actual current table data.

    Personally I don't like the approach when tests are executed over static data (restored/re-generated before every test run), but prefer to have test code that can take any data that already exist and use/work with them. Web Table checkpoint cannot work with dynamic data and this is the reason of why I don't use (practically) any data checkpoint provided by TestComplete.


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