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8 years ago

Action for SwingPopupMenu is very slow

i record the action like :


function Test1()
var jideButton;
jideButton = Aliases.Test.OrderPanelFloating.selectionProviderButton;
jideButton.Click(35, 12);
jideButton.SwingPopupMenu.Click("Static - search");


and try to play it, but found the action delay 2 mins to complete. Any clue for this?

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    Is "SwingPopupMenu" the actual mapped item for what you're working with?  Is it marked with "Extended Find"? What it sounds like is that there is an object recognition process going on where it's taking some time to actually get the popup to come up.  I'd start looking at the object mapping of the menu and making sure it's optimized.

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      SwingPopupMenu is a general popup menu for all applicable JSwing Objects. If the particular object contains popup menu then we will have it in Object Properties (thru Object Browser).


      SwingPopupMenu is only have value when the Popup menu displaying. Best way to capture this is Recording.


      danaluwhen will popup menu come after clicking button or when it will get display?

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        Popup menu will display after i doing click action.