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15 years ago

Accessing cells in VSFlexGrid 7.0

I'm checking the possibility to automate testing for an older application which makes use of VSFlexGrid 7.0. Using the Object Explorer, I haven't been able to find any properties/methods that might be useful to access the cells in the grid. I need to read the text of individual cells. Is that at all possible? I know there's always the possibility of using OCR, but I'd rather avoid that option.

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    Yes, it's the ComponentOne VSFlexGrid 7.0. When trying out the example function LogRowData on the grid component, I get the following result in the log: "Unable to find the object Cols." The same thing goes for TextMatrix. Could it be that there is support for VSFlexGrid version 8.0, but not version 7.0, which I'm using?

  • Hi Markus,

    Actually, TestComplete does not provide special support for the ComponentOne VSFlexGrid control. The samples we've suggested demonstrate the general approach to working with specific versions of some grid controls. 

    Anyway, your problem is, most probably, caused by the fact that your application is compiled without debug information, and therefore, TestComplete cannot get access to the control's native methods and properties. To learn how to compile your application with debug information, please see the "Debug Info Agent" help topic.