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14 years ago

Accessing a Function which is in another Computer using Ole Object Param


    I have TestComplete Installed in Computer A

.net is installed in  Computer B

"Function X" is  Written in Vb.Net in Computer B ( DLL name is "ClassLibrary1",Class Name is  "Class1" )

I want to access the Function X from Computer A using TestComplete. I want to access "Function X" using "Ole Object Param" Property. 

I Wrote  "ClassLibrary1.Class1"  in the Ole Object parameter

              IP Address of  the Computer B at the Machine Name

Then It has shown an error  "Invalid Class Stirng : Can not obtain Class Id"

My colleague said that "Dll Name" and "Class Name" should be registered in the ROT (Running Object Table).

If this is the Problem Please tell me How to Register The "DLL and Class Name" in the ROT.

Please suggest me some inforamtion regarding ROT

If there is any other problem please tell me how to access the "Function X"

Regards Siddhardha

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  • Hello Siddhardha,

    If I get it right, you are creating a .NET Class Library in VB.NET, but not a COM class library (I guess, VB.NET cannot create COM class libraries).

    You cannot create an instance of a .NET class this way. To instantiate the class, you need to:

    - install .NET on computer A;

    - copy the DLL to computer A;

    - add the DLL to the CLR Bridge in your TestComplete project settings.

    To learn more about this, please see the "Calling Functions From .NET Assemblies" help topic: