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3 years ago

about iOS App test


I'm trying to iOS mobile app test using BitBar. 

I configured every steps for iOS mobile app test referring to the support document. 

So, now i just clicked 'run' button. 

But Testcomplete sequentially spit out below errors. 

How can i fix this errors? 

I really wanna sucess iOS mobile app test. Please help ğŸ˜­



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  • Hi Egg!


    First question here is about setup. Do you have a Mac machine setup with Appium running that you are connecting to? Or are you trying all of this on the Windows machine?


    Also, would it be possible for you to provide a translation of the 'Reason' in the error message

    posted above?

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      I don't have Mac with Appium. and I all setup at windows. 

      'Reason: 작업을 완료했습니다.' mean is  'complete the work'.

      Thak you 🙂 

  • Hi Egg!


    Unfortunately a Mac is required to test iOS devices. Apple requires specific hardware to test against iOS devices.


    Normally what you would do is setup a Mac machine with an Appium server running on it, connect the iOS device to the Mac, then point TC to the Appium server over your network. This is the only way to test iOS devices locally within TC. 


    We do have a product called BitBar that can be used to test iOS devices without having a Mac. You may want to investigate this path, as you can integrate it with TC.