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4 years ago

A web application that worked earlier with TestComplete is no more working

TestComplete was recording every action that I performed for a Web Application earlier and now it is not working , when recording  as soon as I launch the application and click on any option the application hangs and Test Complete stops responding. Technically the application has been stable and no new changes happened. The browser and Test Complete  updates are up to date .


Note: This application is not for public use , let me know if any other detail is required.

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  • Is the failure still occurring? Normally TestComplete is very up to date with browser patches. Could you share the name and version of browser you were testing against? 

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      Thank you for your support , please find the required details below:


      Test Complete version: x64

      Google Chrome version: 91.0.4472.77


      I get Page unresponsive error if I click any option in the application while recording, otherwise the application works fine.