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4 years ago

2 Errors "not a valid Android application." or "install packages" when I try add not instrument app

Hi all!   I want understand - what is wrong?   I have two errors:  1) 2) when I try add not instrument android application in project   This article says https://support.smartbe...
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    4 years ago

    Hey ya!


    I have found solution:

    1. All files of SDK must be placed on one folder (In TC 14.61, 14.6 etc I just set folder where adb.exe placed, not all SDK folder, WHY your programmers change it?????)

    2. In field "Path to Android SDK" we need set path without "backslash" on end (Hey, This important information!, because "C:\Folder" - worked, "C:\folder\"- not worked)

    3. The same for set java runtime - best, set jre and without "backslash", f.e. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_271 (In TC 14.61, 14.6 etc I set jdk folder and it work perfectly, guys what is wrong with you???)



    If some one need just Android SDK folder, without problem of download via cmd sdkmanager, I can archive it and give some link to it (f.e. this help for test on x86)