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SmartBear Talks | Meet Prashant Mohan, Director of Product Management - TestComplete

Hi SmartBear Community!


Meet Prashant Mohan, Director of Product Management at SmartBear, focusing on TestComplete. In this interview, we are talking about Prashant's daily work at SmartBear, his favorite self-improvement techniques, and the TestComplete product map.


Curious about what the future holds for TestComplete and the QA industry? Definitely check this video interview out!



Prashant Mohan - Director of Product Management focusing on TestComplete



00:00 Introduction

00:48 Prashant speaks on his role at SmartBear and day-to-day tasks

02:57 How Prashant became part of SmartBear, his background 

05:23 What Prashant loves the most about his job 

06:48 Book recs and self-education advice from Prashant! 

09:36 The TestComplete roadmap for 2021 and main QA trends 

16:11 A special message for the TestComplete Community! 


Book recs:

INSPIRED by Marty Cagan   

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries ​


I hope you liked this video! Post your questions/comments under this post, in case you have any. More video interviews like this are available under the Interview label.


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