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February 2022 | TestComplete Community News

Greetings Community,

We are welcoming you in our first TestComplete Community News of 2022! Expect to see our top January contributors, most interesting discussions and much more.



Just recently, we announced the Q4 2021 TestComplete Community Leaders and SmartBear Community Heroes 2021 – you can check out the recording of the Awards ceremony here. It’s already the time to congratulate the community members who started the year with enormous contribution to the community. Please meet the most active members of January:


Top Kudoed MembersMarsha_R – 27 kudos, Mr_Bro – 6 Kudos, AlexKaras – 3 Kudos, Lee_M – 3 Kudos, Drew7 – 3 Kudos, klabbe – 3 Kudos


Top Contributions: Marsha_R – 74 posts, dave_user – 19 posts, klabbe – 9 posts, sirping – 8 posts, simon_cnhi – 8 posts, Claddaghduff – 7 posts, SS01 – 7 posts


Folks, great activity! Keep it up! You have high chances of earning the Q1 2022 Community Leaders status. Read more here: 3 Simple Steps to Become a TestComplete Community Leader.




We had so many great conversations this January. Feel free to post the topics you found interesting. This is our list:


New academy Course

We released a new course that will be extremely helpful for mobile testers – TestComplete Mobile Test Engineer! The course covers the basic TestComplete features that will help you get started with mobile application testing. Here is the short list of what you can find in the course:

1. Setting up TestComplete for mobile testing

2. Connecting to local Appium server or BitBar

3. Running a TestComplete mobile test on BitBar and viewing results 


Enroll in the Course on the Academy page, watch video lessons, pass the course exam, and get a certificate!


Also, we want to offer you another great learning opportunity – the TestComplete Introductory Live training. This is a 60-min live session, where you will learn TestComplete basic features, get answers to your questions answered and smoothly dive into the automation word! The class will happen on February 22. You can register for the training here.



Get the new TestComplete version, v.15.30, with a list of great new features: 

  • Sharing test results. It’s in the beta status now - leave your comments how you find this feature. 
  • Support for iOS 15.2  
  • Support for latest browser versions 

Read the What's New in TestComplete article to learn about these and other upgrades. 

If you have a maintenance subscription, go here to update to your TestComplete version. If you’re interested in TestComplete but don’t have it, request a free 30-day trial. 



That’s all for now. Have a question or comment? Please feel free to let us know. 


/SmartBear Community Team 

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