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SmartBear Community Heroes 2021


We are happy to announce the names of our incredible SmartBear Community Heroes 2021. These people contributed a lot to the Community during the entire year, helped many community members by answering their questions, became quarterly Leaders many times! It's an honor for us to have such valuable members!


Meet Community Heroes 2021

On January 19, we had a great live award ceremony where we announced the SmartBear Community Heroes 2021. You can watch the recording of this ceremony below to feel that atmosphere. Without any future ado, we are happy to announce the names of the Heroes. Please meet:



Folks, you rock! Congratulations!


Heroes 2021 Impact on the community

We are happy to name 8 Community Heroes of 2021. These 8 people make up only 0.01% of all members. It’s such a tiny group! But this group generates 20% of all replies! They made seven posts each day. Just imagine that 8 people made 7 posts daily for the entire year. Heroes gave 37% percent of all solutions. Each third solution you see in the community was created by the Heroes. Their positive impact on the community is incredible!

Posts from Heroes
Solutions Posted
of all posts 
of all Solutions

Raffle winners

After the live ceremony, we did the gift card raffle among attendees. We randomly picked 5 attendees who have a community account to send a $50 gift card. Here are our winners:



Congratulations, folks! We will contact you soon for details.


Watch the Awards Ceremony

You can watch the recording of the live ceremony. It was really fun! The atmosphere was so warm and friendly! Thanks to everybody who participated.


Please join me to congratulate the SmartBear Community Heroes 2021!

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)