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3 years ago

Community Day 2021 - Become Academy Certified

Today is a great day to improve your knowledge of TestComplete! Boost your learning curve and get Community Day 2021 event points by sharing your certificates of course completion in the comments.


Get TestComplete Certified!🏅

We offer a lot of free courses for the tool in the SmartBear Academy. Here's the list of the most popular ones completing which will help you learn the tool fast:

Automate Manual Testing With TestComplete

TestComplete Introductory Training

TestComplete Web Automation Engineer

TestComplete Desktop Automation Engineer

TestComplete QA Architect


Become a Community Day Winner!🏆

Share the TestComplete certificates that you earned in the SmartBear Academy in the comment below! Each certificate will bring you 2 event points.

It doesn't have to be from today - if you passed the exams in the Academy earlier - share the certificates too!

Read more about participation rules.

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