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4 years ago

Error installing swagger locally

after the installation i get Index of / error when i try opening in the browser how overcome this issue

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  • Hey arjunrajas005. What exactly are you trying to install here? SwaggerHub on-prem? Swagger UI? Swagger Editor? More info will help me answer the question, thanks. 

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      i am trying to install swagger editor locally in windows system

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      joejoyce can you please help me to setup the swagger editor and swagger UI locally in windows system

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        Hi arjunrajas005,


        Could you describe the steps you took to get to where you are now? That would help us determine how to get you the expected results. 


        Otherwise, here is a set of steps I wrote up the other day to download, install, and run the Swagger editor & UI locally:


        Here’s how you can download and run the Swagger Editor locally. It’s not as simple as downloading a .exe file and running it, you’ll need to download it using git, compile it using Node/npm, and run it using npm again.

        First you’ll need to make sure you have these installed on your machine:

        1. - Git
        2. - Node.js
        3. - Npm (Node Package Manager)

        Node.js and npm can be downloaded here:

        Next, you’ll want to run these commands from your terminal/command prompt (be sure you run them in the folder where you want to run the Swagger Editor from as it will download all the files from GitHub):


        git clone

        cd swagger-editor

        npm install

        npm run build

        npm start


        You’ll know it’s ready to be used when you see a message like this:


        Starting up http-server, serving ./

        Available on:


        Once you see this message, simply put the address into your browser and you should see the editor.


        There is also a way to run the editor locally using a docker image. You can find the instructions to do that here:


        Let us know if you have any more questions,