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3 months ago

Inter-linking other end-point docs, dynamically.

Originally posted by user Rick.K to the Stoplight Community on 11/27/2023 at 12:08 ET.

I have an API docs portal I'm working on for a client and I want to reference another end point page as it pertains to the data needed in the request on "this" page. I know the MD syntax to make a link, but the URL's for the docs have a unique identifier path section and I'm not sure if this will change at some point in the future (especially as right now we're on the generic domain but are eventually planning on adding a subdomain host for the docs portal and so the URL will change once that happens). Is there a way to interlink from one docs page to another using some sort of relative link structure or using the ID of the object in the spec that I'm linking to where stoplight would auto-convert that ID link on the fly when rendering the docs page?


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