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5 years ago

SoapUI 5.6.0 Cannot close windows

I am running SoapUI 5.6.0 ( Build Date: 2020-07-09T20:35:07Z ) on a fully patched version of Windows 10.


I am unable to close some windows. In particular, the "SoapUI Start Page" window can never be closed. Clicking the X at top-right simply clears the contents from the window.


The menu item: Desktop -> Close All also appears to have no effect most of the time. Clicking this never closes the "SoapUI Start Page" and often doesn't close any open windows.


Neither of these problems existed in version 5.5.0

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    The same for me. To solve the issue I have disabled startup page in UI settings.

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      Alterant :


      In order to stop start-up page to get displayed on every start, you can disable in by un-checking the below checkbox in screenshot in preference and UI settings:



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        That's not really a solution.  My issue is not so much the presence of the uncloseable start window as the fact that windows generally don't close and the UI is not responding to the most basic of commands.  This is such a major regression that it makes me question the quality of the testing that went into a product used for testing.


        I question how 5.6.0 got past basic QA. Literally the first thing a new user would do is close the Startup window. And it doesn't work.  What sort of first impression does this give for  "The World's Most Popular API Testing Tool" ?



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    I adopted 5.6.0 when it first came out and noticed a lot of these bugs which made it unusable, and the only solution I could come up with is to revert to SoapUI 5.5.


    This was after removing all traces of any other version from my system, and trying various settings without any luck.

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      Yes I reverted back to 5.5.0 and have stayed with that version.


      It concerns me greatly that 5.6.0 managed to get through QA