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9 years ago

java.lang.Exception: Failed to load url

I have just installed SoapUI 5.2.0 on Windows.

Regardless of what wsdl file I put in I get the following kind of error:

Error loading []: java.lang.Exception: Failed to load url;, 0


I don't know if this is significant, but when I start SoapUI the space titled "SoapUI Starter Page" says

The page could not be loaded.


error log returned this:

Thu Aug 13 10:45:04 CDT
       at Source)


Would appreciate some help here. Thanks.



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    It sounds as though your SoapUI cannot see the internet. I am guessing this because the starter page is effectively a browser that loads some web based content and when a WSDL wont load due to problems resolving network/web based dependencies, this often means that SoapUI cannot see the internet.


    Common causes for this are:

    • Needing to configure proxy settings (in SoapUI preferences > Proxy Settings).
    • Needing to allow SoapUI access in firewall settings. 

    Whilst the internet isn;t strictly required to use SoapUI for testing local web services etc, it would affect the two things you listed.




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      Thanks for your reply. I am going to see what I can do to apply your suggestions.

      It may be of interest that I have installed SoapUI on an Apache server -- which is my development machine for http://localhost development. Don't know if this is significant.


      Also - I think that I posted the additional info about the error log while you were also responding. So this might also be significant. Sorry for not posting that info before you responded.